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Website v1.0 uploaded ($Date: 2002/10/10 20:13:11 $)

I just uploaded an initial version of the iChilli web site. The current site just contains an introductory site but it gives you a glimpse about the iChilli mobile J2EE platform.

iChilli project news are now available in RSS! ($Date: 2002/10/10 20:13:11 $)

Today i decided to make the iChilli news page available through RSS. Using RSS makes other people able to import the iChilli news into their pages using RSS. Allthough i would appreciate it if the SourceForge project news system would spit out RSS.

Added iChilli public mailing lists ($Date: 2002/10/10 20:13:11 $)

Added public mailing list to the SourceForge iChilli project site.

Added download pages for the iChilli documentation project. ($Date: 2002/10/10 20:13:11 $)

Added introductory pages for the iChilli documentation project and a corresponding download page.

iChilli CVS modules description added ($Date: 2002/10/10 20:13:11 $)

Today I've added a initial structure of proposed iChilli CVS modules.

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